was launched for the 2024 presidential and EP elections

On 24 April,, a renewed online voting advice application popular among Lithuanians, was launched for this year’s Presidential and European Parliament (EP) elections. By taking a short test on this online platform, voters can see which presidential candidate or electoral list in the EP elections is closest to their own views.

The questions on cover different dimensions of political values: economic left and right, social liberalism or conservatism, attitudes towards the environment, EU enlargement, national defence and others. The test is designed to reflect the current issues in the public sphere and the dominant themes of discussion during the national and European elections. The team also takes into account the programmes of the parties and candidates, where value positions stand out.

This year’s novelty is the cooperation with the international initiative VoteMatch Europe. Votematch aims to give voters a deeper understanding of European politics by offering a tool that covers all European parties and which can show voters not only the alignment of their values with national parties, but also with parties in other European countries, and the alignment of these parties with each other.