Report of the LNES 2020

Lithuanian National Election Study 2020 has been successfully finished. Here are the main results of the study:

1) a representative face-to-face post-election survey was conducted after the 2019 presidential and European Parliament elections;

2) a representative post-election survey with an integrated CSES Module 5 was conducted after the 2020 parliamentary elections;

3) the online voting advice application was prepared for the 2019 presidential elections, for the 2019 elections to the European Parliament and for the 2020 parliamentary elections;

4) innovative computational tools for automated and semi-automated text analysis were tested and adapted for the analysis of local media, electoral programs, electoral debates and other Lithuanian political texts;

5) two national events were organized – a seminar on the quality of surveys in Lithuania and the conference “Lithuania after the Seimas Elections 2020”;

6) the results of the research were presented in 15 papers at national and international conferences, in the chapter of an international book, in 5 articles in Lithuanian and 5 articles in international peer-reviewed journals;

7) the results of the research were used to inform the public during the elections in the articles and comments of the project members in the national media, social media, and the platform

Find here the full report of LNES 2020 here (in Lithuanian).