A rural look on Lithuania’s top issues | Students’ field research 2020

By Marijonas Mikaitis and Roberta Stonkutė Qualitative analysis of the most important issues faced by Lithuanian citizens in rural areas and smaller towns suggests that there are three main categories of problems: economic, political, and societal. The economic spectrum of issues focuses on the common problems often seen in quantitative analysis (low wages, economic inequality, […]

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Vote Choice in the 2019 Lithuanian Presidential Elections

Post developed by Mažvydas Jastramskis Lithuanian presidential elections resemble first-order. First, citizens elect an executive that enjoys considerable powers. Lithuanian president is far from symbolic, her powers ranking average (Sedelius 2006; Raunio and Sedelius 2019) or even higher than average (Andrews and Bairett 2019) of the similar democracies in the region. Second, turnout in the […]

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New value-based cleavage is gaining ground in Lithuania?

Post developed by Ainė Ramonaitė. Good performance of a newcomer – the Freedom Party (Laisvės Partija, LP) – was the major surprise of the 2020 parliamentary elections in Lithuania. The newly-established liberal party entered Seimas receiving more than 9 per cent of votes in the multi-member district, and became a part of the ruling coalition. […]

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